Privacy Notice: 3. What Data Do Third Parties Collect?

We partner with several third parties to provide our games and services to you. These third parties and their role in processing your personal data is described in detail below.

3.1          Kamu

Tripwire Interactive partners with Kamu (formerly Easy AntiCheat) to identify cheaters and ban them from our games and services. Kamu must process your Username and account identifier [SteamID], in-game analytic data and achievement statistics, technical information about the hardware used to play the Game, such as motherboard manufacturer, CPU identifier, GPU identifier, and general performance indicators, technical information about the methods, technics, technologies or alike used in our games that may be suspected to indicate the use of methods that are considered unacceptable by Tripwire Interactive, and/or other equivalent information. Kamu processes this data as part of its anti-cheating technology that helps keep our games free from cheaters and fraudulent activity. Kamu cannot delete the personal data and non-personal data it collects in order to prevent any future or further cheating or fraudulent activity. For more information about Kamu’s data processing activities, go to:

3.2          Platform Partners: Valve, Sony, Microsoft & Oculus

Our games are available on platforms developed by Valve (Steam), Sony (PlayStation), Microsoft (Xbox) and Oculus (collectively, "Platform Partners"). Tripwire Interactive’s Platform Partners process your SteamID, PSN online ID and/or Xbox Live ID to keep track of your Achievements/Trophies and statistics related to the level of play you achieved in a particular session and over time (as described above), and maintain a record of your in-game inventory purchases or gifts (as described above).

3.3          Playfab

In-Game inventory data for items purchased, won or gifted are maintained in the Playfab service, for non-Steam platforms. Playfab process your PSN online ID and/or Xbox Live ID to maintain a record of your in-game inventory purchases or gifts (as described above).

3.4          Bugsplat

As described above, Bugsplat is a Tripwire Interactive’s partner that helps us analyze crashes, bugs and other interruptions of service that may occur on our games. If you experience a service interruption while playing one of our games, you will receive a notice from Bugsplat that asks whether you would like to send an error report to Bugsplat and advising you that Bugsplat must process your IP address in order to capture the error report, and Bugsplat will ask you if you would like to submit your email address. Bugsplat provides us with diagnostic information about service interruptions, and the IP address and email address collected that you have elected to disclose when you receive the error notice from Bugsplat. We use this information to help us analyze why the service interruption occurred and attempt to avoid similar crashes in the future.

3.5          Mailchimp

Tripwire Interactive partners with Mailchimp to manage and provide email services related to requests for marketing materials and requests to join our Press Lists. Mailchimp processes your email address if you sign up for these features. If you decide you no longer want to receive marketing materials or be on our Press List, follow the directs to unsubscribe at the bottom of any of our emails to you and Mailchimp will immediately delete your email address.

3.6          Manhead

As described above, Tripwire Interactive’s online store is run by our partner Manhead Merch. Any data processing activity in connection with purchases made on our online store is described in the store Privacy Notice located here.

3.7          One PR Studio

As described above, Tripwire Interactive’s main Press List is managed by our partner One PR Studio. One PR Studio processes your email address if you sign up for our Press List. If you no longer wish to receive Tripwire Interactive's press materials or another member at your publication would like to receive these materials instead, you may email and you will be deleted from the Press List within 7 business days.