Privacy Notice

This page will guide you through the Tripwire Privacy Notice, last updated 16th July 2018. The table of contents is listed below, so that you can navigate around it simply. If you wish to contact us with specific data subject request, the exact mthod is listed in the relevant section. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Notice, please contact us by sending an email to:

Please Note: at the current time, Tripwire has an application in process with Privacy Shield and this Privacy Notice will be updated when that application process is completed.

1. Introduction.

2. What Data Does Tripwire Interactive Collect?

2.1 General Description

2.2 Data Collected through Tripwire Interactive's Website.

2.2.1 Google Analytics.

2.2.2 Forums & Wiki.

2.2.3 Requested Direct Marketing Materials.

2.2.4     Requested Support.

2.2.5     Career Opportunities & Independent Contractors.

2.2.6     Server Hosts.

2.2.7     Contestants & Contest Winners.

2.2.8     Press Lists.

2.2.9     Tripwire Gear Store.

2.3 Data Collected by Tripwire Interactive's Games.

2.3.1     In-Game Analytic Data.

2.3.2     Achievements, Player Stats.

2.3.3     Inventory of Gifts & In-Game Purchases.

2.3.4     Surveys.

2.3.5     Prevent Cheating.

2.3.6     Crashes, Bugs & Service Errors.

3.          What Data Do Third Parties Collect?

3.1        Kamu.

3.2        Platform Partners: Valve, Sony, Microsoft & Oculus.

3.3        Bugsplat.

3.4        Mailchimp.

3.5        Manhead.

4.          Where is the Data Processed & Stored?

5.          Privacy Shield.

6.          Dispute Resolution.

7.          Requests from Law Enforcement & National Security Issues.

8.          Children.

9.          California Residents.

10.          EEA Residents & Data Subject Rights.

10.1       General Description.

10.2        Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data.

10.3        Right of Access.

10.4        Right to Rectification.

10.5        Right to Erasure (Right to be Forgotten).

10.6        Right of Restriction of Processing.

10.7        Right to Object.

10.8        Right to Data Portability.

10.9        Right to Lodge a Complaint with a Supervisory Authority.

11.        Changes to this Privacy Notice.