Heroes of the West - March 2017 Update!


Tripwire Interactive and The Heroes of the West team are excited to announce their latest update featuring two new maps and a brand new game feature, Airborne Ammo Resupply Drops! 

Owners of Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 can grab the mod for free from Steam, just run the launcher at least once to get all new movies for the map loading screens. 

Please join us on our HOTW Public Discord

Please allow servers time to update. If you join a server and begin to download files, hit F10 to exit and try another server. Also, if you participated in beta testing, don't forget to opt out of the beta. Questions and feedback are welcome on the discussion boards.

-The Heroes of the West Team

Check out the new trailer here!


Full Update Details

New Maps 

Reichswald - 9th of Feburary 1945. 
This is the very northern tip of the Siegfried line. British forces advance on a heavy german bunker position. While the outnumbered German forces desperately try and hold on. If the Germans fail the British have a clear path into the German mainland. 

Hell's Corners - 6th June 1944. 
American Airborne forces landed in farmland flooded by the German defenders to make crossing the terrain difficult. This is one of the locations where the flow of water is controlled, The Barquette Locks. Control of the locks mean the allies can start draining the fields. 

Airdrop Supplies
On both Hell's Corners and Oosterbeek, Allied commanders can now request a supply drop from a C-47. Using the same markers as artillery these supply drops will contain weapons for players to pick up and use. As well as becoming an ammo resupply point on the map. They are faction specific weapons and generally contain a lot of automatic weaponry. 

Game Changes

Fixed Normal/bump map on the G43.
Adjusted MG42 and MG34 hipfiring recoil.
Increased Jeep acceleration and maximum speed. It now performs better in the lower gears.
Fixed the M2HB textures.
Fixed clipping in the commander view of the stug when you looked to the right hand side.
Removed the "Axis/Japanese suppression resistance bonus" from Rising storm which also affected the Germans in HOTW.
Fixed British levelling bonuses meaning they should now be in line with the other HOTW factions in terms of stats.

Map Changes


  • Adjusted Spawn Protection for Axis once A/B are captured
  • Added some missing Covernodes
  • Modifed coloring of the environment
  • Added Ammo Paradrop for Allies


  • Modified Allies Spawn Protection for Objective C 
  • Fixed Ground Collision near Objective B Bunker
  • Added more elevated Firing Positions for US in Final Objective trenches


  • Adjusted Lighting and Sky 
  • Adjusted Fog
  • Added more Cover nodes
  • Split Intitial Allies Spawn zone into 3
  • Opened some houses behind A and B
  • Moved spawn 1 for allies closer to D when E, F, G active
  • Adjusted G cap zone size for easier entry
  • Added guardrails to stairways in some buildings 
  • Raised Tickets for both teams significantly
  • Adjusted german spawns for the early objectives